Hélistop®: lightweight composite platform for helicopter landings

Our Helistop® solution

Our Hélistop® solution is intended for all types of customers who wish to have a helicopter landing platform that is lightweight and safe.

With our Hélistop® process, the challenge is to succeed in offering heliports that respond to topological issues (buildings with or without cantilevers, steep terrains, semi-aquatic environment, sandy environment, etc.) and safety issues (fire resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance). Our surface is anti-skid.

Lightweight property

Thanks to the lightweight property of our specific composite materials, it is possible to install a platform on an existing building with or without cantilevers, where traditional platforms would be much too heavy.


Resistance to hydrocarbons, UV rays, shocks and extreme weather conditions, etc.

No corrosion.


Fire resistance, no deformation of the floor structure, watertightness maintained.

Noise reduction

Noise control related to the use of helicopters in the building on which the platform is laid.

Fast assembly

Factory prefabricated platform, regulatory equipment pre-installed.


Compliant with existing regulations (ITAC, ICAO).


Perfect adaptation to supporting structures, major cantilevers, defrosting of the platform.


Architectural and environmental integration.

A lightweight, sturdy and environmentally-friendly landing platform

TH Composites’ customers are architects and engineering firms who want to install heliport solutions that are safe and adapted to the needs of their users. TH Composites can thus deploy its skills for installations in hospitals, hotel complexes, industrial complexes and also for individuals.

As part of its relationship with its customers, TH Composites offers successful solutions that can be integrated into projects, simplifying for example the weight issues of the structure, without neglecting the safety of the helicopter landing platform.

In addition, TH Composites provides a technical solution and an analysis incorporating characteristics, weight, compliance and various points of reflection so that architects and engineering firms can include these parameters in the overall project. Finally, after delivery of the platforms, the technical staff in charge of maintenance are trained by TH Composites on how to maintain and make the best use of the solution and to be able to check its proper use.

TH Composites supports architects and engineering firms in order to give them the technical information needed to implement heliports ranging from studies to maintenance and including the inspection of the implemented installation.


The modularity of the product and our long experience in the implementation of our Hélistop® solution enables us to consider the rapid deployment of related solutions to helicopter landing sites:

a development area being, for example, civil drone platforms(carrying goods or persons).

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