Innovative solutions made of composite materials for all your projects

Our environmentally-friendly and economical solutions made of composites

TH Composites has developed a floor made ofinnovative and safe composite materials, divided into two main activities: “Hélistop® ” and “Velo-Pont®“.
The performance, the characteristics and the benefits of this composite floor make it a solution that can be adapted to multiple applications in different areas of construction, industry and transport.
TH composites has the skills and experience to study projects that could benefit from “Hélistop®” technology andits major advantages : Lightness of materials, fire resistance, durability and reduced maintenance are indeed desirable qualities in many applications such as:

  • scaffolding platforms,
  • boat pontoons,
  • industrial technical floors,
  • various floors (performance stages, removable and temporary floors).

Our solutions are adaptable to all of your projects

Our teams are at your disposal to study each request:

  • in order to ascertain the possibility of integrating our know-how and our products into your project,
  • to support you in the deployment and maintenance of the solution adapted to your limitations.

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