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TH Composites invites you to discover some projects implemented by us, using composite materials.
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Hélistop® in Tiblisit

2005 – Tiblisit (Géorgia)

Circular helicopter landing platform for an individual.
Located above a house, this platform also doubles as the roof of the house.
This platform is equipped with the following options: watertight sealing of the house and defrosting system.

Marie Lannelongue Hospital Hélistop®

2009 – Le Plessis-Robinson (France)

Platform terrace (on building) square of 900m², placed on a three-dimensional structure.
Cantilever of over 7m in an urban area, peripheral gallery for firefighters in case of fire.

André Rosemon Hospital Hélistop®

2012 – Cayenne (Guyana, France)

Platform on terrace (on building) square of 900m². Intended to accommodate a heavy helicopter (13 tons).
Urban area, tropical environment, long-distance project (coordination, logistics, etc).

Hélistop® for Hospital in Olsztyn

2014 – Olsztyn (Poland)

Platform with 12 sides, on a terrace on a metal structure 6 meters above the initial roof.
This platform is equipped with the defrosting system option.

Hélistop® in Ilawa

2017 – Ilawa (Poland)

Helicopter landing platform in Ilawa, Poland.
This platform is equipped with the defrosting system option.

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