Vélo-Pont®: environmentally-friendly mobility solution for pedestrians and cyclists

Our Vélo-Pont® solution

Derived from know-how in the field of composite materials with the implementation of Hélistop® floors, TH Composites offers innovative equipment for environmentally-friendly with the Vélo-Pont® solution. In keeping with the principle of soft mobility, Vélo-Pont® enables the the traffic surface of bridges (cycle paths, pedestrian paths, etc.) to be easily extended with a solution that is lightweight, durable, safe and having a cost that is under control and a reduced implementation timeframe. In addition, our surface is anti-skid.

Thus the Vélo-Pont® solution enables local governments to fulfil their objectives of fluidity and safety of movement of people and goods.

The advantages of our Vélo-Pont® solution

→ lightweight property
→ reduced costs and implementation timeframes,
→ reduced impact on traffic during implementation.

Environmentally-friendly mobility solution for pedestrians and cyclists

Lightweight property

Lightweight structure adaptable to the majority of bridges.


Reduced implementation costs.


Speed of implementation of the project.

Reduced impact

Reduced impact on traffic during implementation.

A lightweight, sturdy and environmentally-friendly bridge extension

The durability of the materials used (resistance to weather, corrosion and voluntary damage) and the safety of the solution (resistance to weight, fire resistance, light weight of the structure) are the main strengths of Vélo-Pont®.
From the study of the project to the final implementation, TH Composites supports the architects and engineering firms in the implementation of the chosen solution, the inspection of the installation and its maintenance.


TH Composites has the skills and experience to develop or adapt the Vélo-Pont® solution to specific projects:

  • stand-alone gateways,
  • adaptation to the structure of an existing road bridge,
  • increasing of the payload of Vélo-Pont® to open it to light vehicle traffic (dedicated lane for emergency vehicles for example),
  • provision of temporary lanes to maintain traffic on a bridge that is being renovated.

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